Termos e Condições


As a user of the Site, you undertake to use the Site in accordance with these General Conditions, good faith and current legislation. Likewise, the User declares to be of legal age.

The purchase of products on the Site by minors is strictly prohibited. guitarcustom.pt™ reserves the right to verify the veracity of the data provided by Users, in particular their age. The Company will not assume any responsibility for persons who do not comply with these General Conditions, the applicable legislation in force or if they are minors. Therefore, any fraudulent, abusive, illegal or contrary to good faith use by the User of the Site is expressly prohibited.

In any case, the User must refrain from:

Reproduce, distribute, communicate publicly, transform or modify the Site or any of its contents, including these General Conditions, regardless of the purpose of such use, without prior written permission from guitarcustom.pt™.

Insert, on the Site or on its network, data programs that may cause damage to guitarcustom.pt™’s computer systems, its suppliers or third parties.

Carrying out any type of illegal, fraudulent activity, contrary to these General Conditions, current legislation and/or good faith or that prevents and/or hinders the correct use of the website or its contents.

Insert any type of link or link on third-party websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or social networks that allows you to link or reproduce the Website or its contents on said third-party websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or social networks, that are contrary to the law, offend or violate human dignity, fundamental rights or the Company itself and/or may be considered criminal.

Introducing and/or spreading content on the Site that violates human rights and the dignity of people, such as racist, xenophobic, pornographic content or that supposes an apology for terrorism.


Buying from our online store is very simple. guitarcustom.pt™ informs users that they can buy any product through the Site without the need to register on it. To buy any of the products, the User must access our online store through the different product sections offered and select the products he wants. After selecting all the products to be purchased, the User must fill in the information requested to process his order: billing data, delivery address, delivery method, payment information and order comments. After completing the purchase order and before shipping, a summary will be presented identifying the item purchased, its total price (shipping and taxes included) and shipping details. The order must be confirmed by clicking on the “Checkout” button. When filling in the data requested in the purchase process through the Site, the fields which are mandatory to be filled in will be duly marked with an asterisk so that the User can clearly identify them. Likewise, the data whose completion was detected as defective, incorrect or incomplete by the Site and are necessary to complete the process in question, will be requested again so that the User can review, correct and correctly enter them. As a User, you are solely responsible for providing your data correctly in the online purchase processes on the Site. If you purchase online with your user account, you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidential, personal and secret nature of the corresponding passwords and registration keys. For this reason, guitarcustom.pt™ reminds you that you must pay special attention and care regarding the introduction of your personal data, especially bank and order delivery data, and not share your corresponding registration keys and password with third parties. to the user account. Any damage or loss caused directly or indirectly to guitarcustom.pt™ or third parties under your email or registration key and/or password will be your sole responsibility. guitarcustom.pt™ reserves the right to review, retain, temporarily suspend and/or definitively cancel unilaterally, without prior notice and without any right to any compensation, any purchase on the online store in which it detects indications of fraudulent, illegal use or contrary to these General Conditions, the law and/or good faith on the part of the corresponding User.


In order to gain User loyalty, gain new users or promote certain products, guitarcustom.pt™ may organize various promotions through the Site. In this way, you will be able to establish promotional periods or apply discounts to all or part of the products available on the Website’s online store.

guitarcustom.pt™ will regulate in each case the conditions of application and enjoyment of the different promotions. In any case, guitarcustom.pt™ reserves the right to modify the conditions of any promotion, as well as to revise, temporarily suspend and/or definitively cancel unilaterally, without prior notice and without any right to compensation for any promotion.


Guitarcustom.pt™ made an effort to show the colors of the products as close to reality as possible. However, the color of products that appear on the screen may be subject to variation depending on the quality of your computer monitor. In this sense, guitarcustom.pt™ cannot guarantee that the colors that appear on your monitor are entirely true to reality.

guitarcustom.pt™ also strives to ensure that all products offered on the Site are always available to Users. However, some products may be temporarily unavailable or out of stock. If any product is not available on the Site, the Company will duly indicate it so that Users are informed of the temporary impossibility of purchasing the product in question.

If, for any reason, a product is not available once an online purchase is made by a User, guitarcustom.pt™ will contact the User as soon as possible by email to inform him of this situation and so that the User can choose to cancel your purchase, keep your purchase without the product in question, or choose a different product.

guitarcustom.pt™ reserves the right to modify the features and colors according to production needs.


The price reflected for each product on the Site includes VAT. VAT will be applied at the corresponding rate, in accordance with current legislation in Portugal. guitarcustom.pt™ will specify the corresponding taxes and applicable shipping costs always before the User makes any payment.

guitarcustom.pt™ reserves the right to change at any time, without notice and unilaterally, the prices of products offered on the Site, although such modification does not affect the orders previously made by the User for which guitarcustom.pt ™ has already sent the corresponding “Order Confirmation” to the user. In any case, the Company is not obligated to supply any product at an incorrectly lower price (even after the “Order Confirmation”), if the error in the price is obvious and unambiguous and could have been reasonably recognized by the user and/or the company .

The Company offers its Users the option to choose the destination when starting their purchase and see the prices of the products, together with the corresponding taxes and special shipping costs included. If the User subsequently changes the delivery address and the destination is changed, the prices shown in the final order summary may vary.

As shipping costs vary by geographic area, the prices of products offered on the Site exclude possible costs that may arise depending on the shipping destination. In any case, the User can check the cost and shipping conditions according to destination at the time the products included in the shopping cart are selected and are calculated when entering the corresponding shipping address before the User executes any payment.


guitarcustom.pt™ offers Users the possibility to pay for purchases in the online store by Credit Card, Transfer and PayPal. The User must simply select during the purchase process how to pay for the order and enter the information requested.

Specifically, guitarcustom.pt™ offers the following payment methods:

a) Debit card

Transactions carried out on the Site are 100% secure. To make the payment, guitarcustom.pt™ uses a secure server that sends an entity and payment reference indicating the final amount.

b) PayPal

PayPal allows any consumer who has an email address to make secure online payments. If the User chooses this payment method, guitarcustom.pt™ will redirect him from the Site to the PayPal site, where, if you already have a PayPal account, you can make and confirm the payment.

c) Bank Transfer

The bank transfer will be made directly to the Company’s account properly identified.


.1 – Delivery of orders

guitarcustom.pt™ reminds users that it offers products available on the Site only for shipment to mainland Portugal and the Islands.

Users can choose in the “Address” window of the purchase process the address to which they want guitarcustom.pt™ to send their shipment. In order to optimize the delivery process, the shipping address indicated in each case by the User must be an address where delivery can be carried out effectively, so guitarcustom.pt™ recommends that Users carefully evaluate the address indicated as the address. shipping and always verify that the shipping information is correct and complete. If the billing address is different from the shipping address, the User can specify it on the purchase form by selecting the checkbox “Send to a different address?” and entering the shipping address on a new form.

guitarcustom.pt™ will deliver to Users the products purchased from the online store to the address indicated by the Users in the order form, within the deadlines specified at each time on the website and, in any case, within a maximum period of:

24 to 48 hours from the date of receipt of the “Order Confirmation” sent by guitarcustom.pt™ for all orders placed in Portuguese territory. guitarcustom.pt™ does not guarantee compliance with the above mentioned delivery times in case of force, actions or omissions of third parties or in case the shipping address indicated by the User in the purchase process is incomplete, inaccurate or incorrect.

Products purchased on the Site are sent to Users through collaborating companies or courier or transport service providers hired by guitarcustom.pt™.

Delivery is deemed to have taken place from the moment the products are made available to the User or to third parties indicated by the User or that prove to be duly authorised by the User for reception at the place of delivery indicated by the User.

If, at the time of delivery of the shipment to the address indicated by the User, the User is absent, the carrier will send a notice indicating how to proceed to arrange a new delivery within five (5) days following the first delivery attempt. If, after five (5) days from the date of the notice, the User does not contact the carrier to schedule a new delivery date, the order will be returned to guitarcustom.pt™ and the User shall bear the costs corresponding shipping and return orders.

.2 – Shipping costs

Shipping costs may vary according to the purchase value of the order selected by the User. guitarcustom.pt™ will always specify the corresponding shipping costs before making any payment by the User.

In cases where the purchase price is equal to or greater than €50 and the order is delivered to Portuguese territory, shipping costs will be free of charge.


O direito de desistência corresponde à faculdade que o Utilizador tem como consumidor de rescindir o contrato assumido com a guitarcustom.pt™ ao comprar qualquer produto na nossa loja online sem a necessidade de alegar qualquer justificação ou sofrer qualquer penalização, exceto os custos expressamente previstos nas presentes Condições Gerais.

O Utilizador poderá desistir das compras feitas na loja online da guitarcustom.pt™ dentro de um prazo máximo de 14 dias contados a partir do dia em que o Utilizador ou um terceiro por ele indicado, que não seja a transportadora contratada pela guitarcustom.pt™, adquira a posse material das mercadorias solicitadas.

Para exercer o direito de desistência, o Utilizador simplesmente deve notificar a guitarcustom.pt™ antes do final do mencionado período de 14 dias com os seguintes dados:

A comunicação realizada pelo Utilizador por email deve conter os dados de identificação (nome e sobrenome, endereço, e-mail, número de telefone de contacto), o número do pedido, a data do pedido e os artigos que deseja devolver.

Após comunicar-nos a sua vontade de desistir da compra de produtos na nossa loja online, o Utilizador deverá enviar os produtos na sua possa dos quais deseja desistir para:

Rua S. Nicolau 34
4520-248 Santa Mª da Feira

Sem demora e, em qualquer caso, no prazo máximo de 14 dias a partir da data em que comunicou à guitarcustom.pt™ sua decisão de desistir do contrato.

A guitarcustom.pt™ informa o Utilizador que, em caso de desistência, o Utilizador somente deve suportar os custos de devolução dos produtos objeto de desistência.

Os produtos objeto de desistência devem encontrar-se sem usar e completos, com todas as etiquetas, embalagens, documentação e elementos acessórios originais. Após a inspeção do produto, a guitarcustom.pt™ reembolsará o Utilizador no valor correspondente ao produto devolvido no prazo máximo de 14 dias a partir da receção do produto do qual desistiu, reservando-se o direito de reduzir o referido valor a ser devolvido no valor considerado apropriado por razão do estado em que se encontre o produto recebido.

A guitarcustom.pt™ reembolsará o valor correspondente pelos mesmos meios de pagamento que o Utilizador usou para realizar a sua compra pelo Site. A guitarcustom.pt™ reserva-se o direito de reter o reembolso dos valores a serem devolvidos ao Utilizador até que (I) tenha recebido os produtos objeto de desistência (II) tenha inspecionado e verificado que o produto está completo e sem usar.

Caso a compra seja proveniente de um código promocional, a parte proporcional ao valor total gasto será devolvida após a entrega do cupão.

A guitarcustom.pt™ informa que no caso do momento da compra dos produtos o Utilizador tenha selecionado expressamente uma modalidade de entrega diferente da modalidade mais barata de entrega normal, a guitarcustom.pt™ não será obrigada a reembolsar os custos adicionais derivados


The risk of loss or damage to the products purchased by the User in the guitarcustom.pt™ online store will be borne by the User from the moment the courier or transport company hired by guitarcustom.pt™ to send them to the User or to a third party authorized by it. The products always travel at the expense and risk of the collaborating companies or courier or transport service providers hired in each case by guitarcustom.pt™. For this reason, guitarcustom.pt™ strongly recommends that, after receiving your order, check that the packaging containing the products purchased is not externally damaged and that its contents have not suffered any damage due to improper handling during transport. If, upon examining the shipment and/or its contents, the User notices that it is damaged or broken or has any imperfection or manufacturing defect, you can contact us through the form or through your user account and we will take care of the incident. Once the incident has been processed, guitarcustom.pt™ will advise you on how to collect or send the defective product, at no cost to the User. Each defective or damaged product to be returned must be unused and with all its labels, packaging and, where appropriate, original documentation and accessory items that accompanied the product. Once verified the effective existence of imperfection or factory defect in the products sent by the User, guitarcustom.pt™ will complain to the corresponding manufacturer or distributor in order to replace the item with another with identical characteristics. If it is not possible to replace the product, guitarcustom.pt™ will inform the User about this circumstance and will pay the proportional amount corresponding to the product. guitarcustom.pt™ will refund the corresponding amount for the same payment methods that the User used to make their purchase through the Site.


guitarcustom.pt™ informs the User that, as established by current rules in consumer and user law, the right to withdraw does not apply to contracts that refer to sealed products that are not suitable to be returned for reasons of protection of the health or hygiene and that have been sealed after delivery. Within this type of products would be, as a mere example, products in the categories of Hygiene, Food and Sleep Consequently, guitarcustom.pt™ informs you that, in case you buy any sealed product on the Web, after sealing it, you will not be able to exercise your withdrawal rights on said product, if, for health or hygiene reasons, we cannot accept your feedback.


The products offered by guitarcustom.pt™ have the legal guarantee corresponding to each product. Thus, in case of non-conformity of the product, consumers are granted a period of two years from the moment of delivery, so that the User can assert his rights. In case the User detects non-conformity of the product with the characteristics and specifications announced on the Site and the reasonable functioning and use of the product described in the instruction manual, the User must contact guitarcustom.pt™ through the customer service form made available on the Site or through the internal channel of the user’s account to proceed with the corresponding guarantee, after verification. The User must provide the information required by guitarcustom.pt™ in each case, in order to identify, understand and validate the warranty. Once the warranty is confirmed, guitarcustom.pt™ will offer the customer, within a reasonable period, an adequate and proportionate solution to the lack of compliance, namely, the sending of spare parts, repair or the partial or complete replacement of the product at no cost. If the User requires the repair of a product purchased because it does not comply with the confirmed purchase conditions, the User will have the option to demand the repair or replacement of the product in question, unless the replacement of one of them is impossible or disproportionate. When repair or replacement is not possible or is disproportionate, the Company will inform the User so that, depending on his choice, he may demand a price reduction or termination of the contract. After the first six months from the invoice date, the products to be repaired will be shipped postage paid by the User. guitarcustom.pt™ reserves the right to verify whether the defect was caused by manufacturing failure or misuse. If the product is under warranty, guitarcustom.pt™ will pay the customer the postage paid and the return to the User will be paid by the Company. If the product is not under warranty, the User will have to collect the product bearing the transportation costs. Consumable parts such as batteries, cables, batteries, lamps, fuses etc. are not covered by the warranty together with accessories. During the repair or overhaul period, the Company will not replace the product and will not pay any compensation. In any case, the Company reserves the right to request a technical service to verify the origin of the problem in relation to the product claimed by the User. In case of a defect caused by misuse, the repair will be charged to the User. To make use of the warranty, the User must notify guitarcustom.pt™ in advance through any of the means of assistance provided by the Company, and no product whose exchange, return or repair has not been previously authorized will be accepted at our headquarters. The guarantee is only addressed to the holder (contractual party) that appears on the invoice and can only be demanded by the holder of the same. The warranty will lose its value in any of the following cases: • In case of misuse, do not follow the product’s instruction manual. • If any information or the purchase receipt is modified, altered or replaced. • Due to wear and tear or other consequences of the normal aging of the product, arising from use and enjoyment by the user. • If the guaranteed device is handled or repaired without the knowledge of Technical Service • If you need an invoice. • In case of voltage rises or connection to an inappropriate voltage. The customer will be solely and exclusively responsible for the proper use and operation of the products offered on the Site. Under no circumstances will guitarcustom.pt™ be held responsible for any inappropriate use of its products and for the consequences that may arise therefrom.


For any queries, queries or suggestions, please contact us using the contact form and using the following telephone numbers. Our customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.