One Shape to Rule the 7 Modes of the Major Scale


In This Video I Will Show You a Very Simple Shape, Easy to Memorize, That You Can Use to Play All the 7 Modes of the Major Scale 🙂

Use This Simple Shape to Locate the Starting Position on the Fretboard, Then Start Connecting To All The Other Shapes On The Guitar Scale To Play The Entire Mode Scale. These Shapes Are Movable And You Can Apply This Method To Play Every Mode On Every Music Key!

You Can Use This Backing Tracks On Your Performances, Practice During Your Exercises And Other Gigs And Jams You Like To Throw With Your Musicians Fellows.

Backing Tracks

Improvisation Versions

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Production by Muddy Blues

Mastering @ Audiocrafting Studio

Tabs and source audio tracks made with iReal Pro

Produced with Ableton Live and all stock plugins

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