Modes of the Harmonic Minor Scale in A


Modes of the Harmonic Minor Scale in A

This videos series are fully dedicated to the modes of the Harmonic Minor Modes and it was inspired by Jake Lizzio´s (Author at Signals Music Studio) video about Demonstrating The Modes of Harmonic Minor.

MOST USEFUL or RANKED (by Signals Music Studio):

  • Harmonic Minor (mode 1)
  • Phrygian Dominant (mode 5)
  • Dorian #4 (mode 4)
  • Ionian #5 (mode 3)
  • Lydian #2 (mode 6)
  • Locrian Natural 6 (mode 2)
  • Ultralocrian (mode 7)

Production by Muddy Blues

Mastering @ Audiocrafting Studio

Tabs and source audio tracks made with iReal Pro

Produced with Ableton Live and all stock plugins

Signals Music Studio

Signals Music Studio is an online community for guitar enthusiasts focused on guitar lessons.

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